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  As we know, glucose, the organic compound, can be widely used in fermentation industry, food industry, chemical industry, synthesis and transformation, the development of pharmaceutical industry and other industries. In different industries, when used, there are also differences in materials. So, what is the relationship between glucose and glucose in this industry?
  1. Industrial glucose is a good and stable water is helpful, and can achieve advanced role in water cycle management. It can cooperate with silicon, nitrogen, tungsten, nitrite and other substances in the water, and has a certain combination of calcium, magnesium, zinc and selenium in the water quality, which has a strong scale inhibition ability.
  Especially in the current industrial development of society, the steel surface is continuously cleaned to improve the cleanliness of steel, and then it can be more solid, so that the use of glucose in detergent in industry can be carried forward. While industrial glucose is also a good helper for cleaning glass bottles in the production of cleaning agent. When cleaning some narrow bottle necks, the cleaning effect will be better, and there are some viscose paste on the bottle. After tea drinking, there are tea stains on the tea, which can be very effective to achieve full cleanliness.
  2. Edible glucose is widely used in life, generally in life, mainly in the invention of food technology, including food additives, pharmaceutical preparations, etc., and food is mainly ice cream, cream, sweet tea, cake, candy, beverage, etc. that make life taste. As far as the kinds of drugs that can be made are concerned, they can be used for sugar coating and syrup of drugs, and there is also a solution for tablets that children don't like to take. But industrial glucose is different.
  In the above introduction, the relationship between the use of glucose substances in two industries is inevitable, and then the product of industrial glucose starch is completely hydrolyzed by acid or enzyme. Due to different production processes, the purity of the product is different. The main relationship is that industrial glucose can deal with stains on foods treated with glucose. I hope you are familiar with this.
  The above is the detailed introduction of anhydrous glucose to the relationship between industrial glucose and edible glucose. To learn more, please click

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