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No matter small infants, students, adult women, or the elderly, they can supplement energy and some nutrients by eating milk powder. In various milk powder products, maltodextrin and lactose are two common substances in the ingredient list, and their essence is carbohydrate that can provide fast energy for the human body. But in addition, what are the effects of adding maltodextrin in milk powder.
Maltodextrin, similar to corn syrup, is a nutritious polysaccharide with no taste. It has many unique physical and chemical properties, such as good water solubility, boiling resistance and easy absorption by human body. These characteristics make it used in solid beverage, candy, biscuit, beer, baby food, athlete beverage and other food processing and production. Maltodextrin is equivalent to other types of carbohydrates in providing energy for infants. Adding maltodextrin in milk powder can improve the nutritional ratio and is easy to digest and absorb. Especially in the preparation of sugar free milk powder, infant feeding milk powder and other functional milk powder is widely used.
In addition, some of the medical special formula powder are low lactose or no lactose formula, while reducing the lactose ratio, it can only rely on other ingredients to maintain the carbohydrate content, such as maltodextrin and sucrose, which has no effect on the growth and development of the baby. However, the relevant standards stipulate that the lactose content in infant formula (0-12 months) should be > 90%, but there is no such limit in older infant formula, so some manufacturers often add maltodextrin from the second stage. The carbohydrate in breast milk is mainly provided by lactose, so in order to get close to the composition of breast milk, it is good to use lactose as the main carbohydrate source of formula milk.
To sum up, in accordance with the relevant standards and regulations of formula milk powder to see maltodextrin need not worry too much, but can promote digestion and absorption, for children, there are still many benefits, but in a little more expensive milk powder to add maltodextrin, may not be very cost-effective, we should pay special attention to this.

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