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Now in the pharmaceutical industry, glucose injection, glucose sodium chloride injection, compound sodium lactate glucose injection and other drugs need to be prepared with anhydrous glucose. This substance plays a very important role in the medical industry, and often plays an irreplaceable role in many other aspects of people. So, what are the differences between white granulated sugar and white granulated sugar in energy supplement?
The main difference between the two is the speed of their energy supply, but it is not particularly obvious. All kinds of sugars absorbed by human body can not be directly absorbed and utilized. They need to be converted into "glucose" (monosaccharide) in the body before they can be absorbed.
White granulated sugar is a kind of material that people often eat. It is a disaccharide condensed from two molecule monosaccharides. When the human body ingests this kind of disaccharide, the disaccharide enzyme in intestinal digestive juice will digest and decompose the disaccharide into glucose and fructose.
Anhydrous glucose does not need to go through digestion steps, it can be directly absorbed by gastrointestinal mucosa and enter the blood circulation. In short, glucose can be absorbed and used by human body immediately. White sugar needs to be "processed" by human body first, and then turned into glucose. Add energy, glucose fast. The human body decomposes polysaccharides into monosaccharides very quickly.
Unless there is a special need, we generally do not recommend that a person who can eat a normal diet often drink glucose water, because it is particularly easy to cause the consequences of digestive dysfunction. Usually, sugars are decomposed by digestive enzymes in the stomach, and then converted into glucose for absorption. However, if you take glucose directly, it can be directly absorbed by the small intestine without the conversion process. If the white sugar is replaced by glucose for a long time, the normal secretion of disaccharidase and other digestive enzymes will be degraded, which will affect the digestion and absorption of other foods, and lead to anemia, vitamin and various trace elements deficiency. In addition, often drink sugar water, but also cause anorexia, partial eclipse, dental caries, obesity and other consequences.
The above content introduces the difference between white granulated sugar and anhydrous glucose in energy supplement and energy supply speed, and also describes the harm of drinking glucose water for us. It can be seen that although these two substances have a certain energy supply function, we should also pay attention to the appropriate amount of healthy drinking, otherwise the effect will be counterproductive and the gain is not worth the loss. That's all for today's introduction. If you want to know more, please click anhydrous glucose .

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