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从古今,人们的交际场所都离不开酒,因此,现在的酒文化和酒经济都发展得很好。不同的人体质不一样,在喝酒方面的能力表现不一样,对于那些容易喝醉的人来说,解酒是我们经常要做的工作,其中有用户提到葡萄糖补水液可以进行解酒, 对此为确认这一说法,将其问题进行介绍。
Since ancient times, people's communication places are inseparable from wine. Therefore, wine culture and wine economy are developing very well. Different people have different qualities and different abilities in drinking. For those who are easy to get drunk, we often have to do the work of detoxification. Some users mentioned that glucose rehydration solution can detoxify alcohol. To confirm this statement, we will introduce the problems.
1. Glucose is one of the main energy supplies for human body. After glucose enters the blood, it is transported to various tissues and cells for synthesis and catabolism to provide energy for the body. The main function of glucose is to provide energy by oxidative decomposition in various tissues. After drinking, the alcohol in the wine was completely absorbed by the stomach and small intestine in 0.5 ~ 3 hours, and distributed in all water bearing tissues and body fluids of the whole body. Although ethanol is widely distributed in the body, 90% of it is decomposed and metabolized in the liver. High concentration of alcohol in the blood will not only cause some symptoms and complications of drunkenness, but also consume a lot of energy in the process of metabolism. The source of energy depends on the supply of glucose.
2. After infusion of glucose, blood glucose and blood volume increase, which accelerate the excretion of liquid in the body through the urine of the kidney. Therefore, infusion of glucose after drunkenness can accelerate the excretion of ethanol through urination, which can reduce the state of drunkenness.
3. In the process of alcohol metabolism, there will be complicated changes such as the change of NADH / nad ratio, the decrease of galactose tolerance, the increase of triglyceride synthesis, the increase of lipid peroxidation and so on. Therefore, hypoglycemia will occur after drinking. Hypoglycemia usually occurs 6-24 hours after moderate or heavy drinking, but it can also occur soon after drinking, and the blood glucose concentration is generally less than 1.7 mmol / L.
To sum up, glucose is an effective substance to promote people's hypoglycemia after drinking, and it is also very helpful to reduce the harm of alcohol to human body, so we should make rational use of it. In addition, in terms of anti alcoholism, we can try to alleviate it by drinking more water or milk and eating fruits.
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