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In daily life, a lot of food used to eat can supplement nutrition, used to wash the face or skin will also have the effect of beauty skin, such as milk, honey and other nutritional food. Glucose monohydrate is also a nutrient rich product. Whether it can be used to wash face has become a matter of public doubt. Therefore, in order to solve the public's problems, we will introduce it.
No, glucose monohydrate can't directly touch the skin. If you wash your face with glucose monohydrate, it will breed bacteria. You can wash your face with warm water higher than 30 ℃, which is almost the same as your body temperature; When washing your face, you should use flowing water, wash your hands first, and then wash your face. When wiping your face, you can't use wet towel, use dry towel. Oily skin can add a few drops of white vinegar in water, dry skin can add honey. But when you wash your face, you can mix white sugar into the facial cleanser to wash your face. You can remove acne and dead skin.
Therefore, glucose monohydrate can not be used to wash the face, and it can not directly contact the skin, otherwise it will backfire and harm our health. I hope most women who love beauty must know something about it. For what can directly contact the skin, can be used to beauty wash the face, we must first consult the relevant beauty experts or medical staff, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble.

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