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  In nature, there are many substances in the form of colorless crystal or white crystalline powder. Although most of them have unique taste, some of them are poisonous or contain impurities. Now let's look at the identification of anhydrous glucose.
  1. 产品的红外吸收图谱应与对照一致。Ph测试:取本品2.0g,用20ml水溶解,加入3滴酚酞指示剂溶液和0.2ml的0.02mol/L氢氧化钠溶液,呈粉红色。
  1. The infrared absorption spectrum of the product should be consistent with the control. PH test: take 2.0g of this product, dissolve it with 20ml of water, add 3 drops of phenolphthalein indicator solution and 0.2ml of 0.02mol/l sodium hydroxide solution, it is pink.
  2. 取本品0.2g,加入5 ml水溶解,缓慢滴入温的碱性酒石酸铜试液中。如果生成氧化亚铜的红色沉淀,则证明是无水葡萄糖。
  2. Take 0.2g of this product, add 5ml of water to dissolve it, and slowly drop it into the warm alkaline copper tartrate test solution. If the red precipitate of cuprous oxide is formed, it is proved to be anhydrous glucose.
  的货物2.0 g, 3、砷盐5毫升水溶解,加入5毫升稀硫酸和钾溴化溴化解决方案0.5毫升,20分钟的水浴加热,保持一点多余的溴,必要时,然后尝试添加钾溴化解决方案,和补充的水分蒸散在任何时候,把冷,加5毫升盐酸,和28毫升,水适量依法检查,应遵守规定(0.0001%)。
  2.0 g of goods, 3. 5 ml of arsenic salt dissolved in water, add 5 ml of dilute sulfuric acid and 0.5 ml of potassium bromination solution, heat in a water bath for 20 minutes, keep a little bit of excess bromine, if necessary, then try to add potassium bromination solution, and supplement water evapotranspiration at any time, put cold, add 5 ml of hydrochloric acid, and 28 ml, check the amount of water according to law, should comply with the regulations (0.0001%).
  把货物1.0 g 4、钙盐、10毫升的水溶解,添加氨试液1毫升与草酸铵溶液5毫升,摇匀,放置1小时,如浊度和标准钙溶液(精度根据0.1250 g的碳酸钙,500毫升容量瓶,加水5毫升和0.5毫升盐酸溶解,添加水,摇匀。每1ml相当于0.1 mg的钙(Ca)]控制液由1.0 ml制成,不得加厚(0.01%)。
  Dissolve 1.0 g of 4, calcium salt and 10 ml of water in the goods, add 1 ml of ammonia test solution and 5 ml of ammonium oxalate solution, shake well, and place for 1 hour, such as turbidity and standard calcium solution (the accuracy is based on 0.1250 g of calcium carbonate, 500 ml volumetric flask, 5 ml of water and 0.5 ml of hydrochloric acid for dissolution, add water and shake well. Every 1ml of calcium (CA) control solution equivalent to 0.1mg is made of 1.0ml without thickening (0.01%).
  Here are four ways to recognize anhydrous glucose, which I believe will help you. This substance can be drunk directly, used to supplement energy and nutrition, can also be used as medicine, used to treat some diseases, and play a role in fermentation industry, food industry, chemical industry, synthesis and transformation, I hope you can understand.
  The above is a detailed introduction of how to identify anhydrous glucose. For more information, please click

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