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  Effect of adding glucose in feed? In the pig industry, glucose powder is a sharp weapon, which can be used whenever a disease occurs, and it may have a good effect, such as detoxification, treatment of piglet diarrhea, adjuvant treatment of foot-and-mouth disease, covering up the bitter taste of veterinary drugs, loss of appetite, etc.
  The effects of glucose powder on pigs were as follows
  1、 提高饲料、饮水的风味。猪性喜好甜味,在猪的配合饲料或饮水中添加8%~12%的葡萄糖,可掩盖饲料中的不适味道,能提高饲料的品位并刺激猪的食欲,保证在断奶应激条件下有足够的采食量,增重快,并能减少猪挑食而造成的饲料浪费。断奶不喜吃料的仔猪可采用在饮水中加入8%~12%的葡萄糖,有效地补充机体能量,不会造成因食料少而影响仔猪生长。
  1. Improve the flavor of feed and drinking water. Pigs like sweetness. Adding 8% ~ 12% glucose to the compound feed or drinking water of pigs can cover up the uncomfortable taste in feed, improve the grade of feed and stimulate the appetite of pigs, ensure sufficient feed intake under weaning stress conditions, gain weight quickly, and reduce feed waste caused by picky eating of pigs. The weaning piglets who don't like to eat food can add 8% - 12% glucose in drinking water, which can effectively supplement body energy, and will not affect the growth of piglets due to lack of food.    食用葡萄糖  
  2 、提高仔猪的抵抗力。葡萄糖是动物有机体细胞、组织、器官的良好能量与营养物质,也是血液的必要成分,能改善组织的代谢和提高机体的生理活动。在猪饲料或饮水中掺入8%~12%的葡萄糖粉,能自小肠迅速吸收,增加体能,补充营养,从而增强对传染病和各种疾病的抵抗力,使猪群发病率大幅度降低,不明原因死亡显著地减少。
  2. Improve the resistance of piglets. Glucose is a good energy and nutrient for cell, tissue and organ of animal organism. It is also an essential component of blood. It can improve the metabolism of tissues and improve the physiological activities of the body. Adding 8% to 12% of the powdered sugar into pig feed or drinking water can absorb quickly from the small intestine, increase physical fitness and supplement nutrition, thereby enhancing resistance to infectious diseases and diseases, reducing the incidence rate of pigs and reducing the number of unknown causes.
  3 、复壮弱猪。在弱猪的配合料或饮水中添加8%的葡萄糖,由于饮食风味和品位提高,食欲增加,在加强饲养管理基础上,能促进仔猪生长,使瘦弱的仔猪较快的恢复体况。
  3. Rejuvenation of weak pigs. Adding 8% glucose to the mixture or drinking water of weak pigs can promote the growth of piglets and make them recover quickly on the basis of strengthening feeding management.
  4 、增加投药效果。葡萄糖淀粉经水解生成的一种单糖,为无色的结晶、无臭、味甜,与常用药物无配伍禁忌。内服能迅速自小肠吸收,增加机体能量补充营养,改善组织代谢,提高机体生理活动。拌料饮水投药预防治疗猪病时,由于猪吃食天性爱挑剔,常因药的异味而不愿好好采食饮水。若同时掺入葡萄糖粉15%,以掩盖药味,则能提高猪的采食量饮水量,保证猪只服用足够量的防治药物,增加投药效果。
  4. Increase the effect of dosing. A monosaccharide produced by hydrolysis of glucose starch is colorless, odorless and sweet. It has no incompatibility with common drugs. Oral administration can quickly absorb from small intestine, increase body energy, supplement nutrition, improve tissue metabolism, and improve body physiological activities. In the prevention and treatment of swine diseases, the pigs are often reluctant to take good water because of the peculiar smell of the medicine. If 15% glucose powder was added at the same time to cover up the taste of the medicine, the feed intake and drinking water volume of pigs could be increased, and the pigs could take enough prevention and control drugs and increase the effect of drug administration.
  The above is the introduction about the effect of adding glucose in feed. I believe you all know something about it. If you want to know more, please continue to pay attention to our website.

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