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Whether it is industrial glucose or food glucose, their role and scope of application are very wide, especially industrial glucose, it has a certain application in sewage treatment, but also can improve the treatment effect of sewage, so we are more concerned about it. Therefore, in order to facilitate the use, we will introduce the positive pressure process of anhydrous glucose in wastewater treatment.
1. After crushing, the raw material is crushed into small particles less than 10 mm.
2. The pre digested material flows into the secondary digester for further digestion, and then the special glucose for sewage treatment flows into the electronic metering belt scale and the water measured by the flowmeter into the pre digester.
3. Glucose for sewage treatment has been digested into powder, which is sent to high-pressure fan by pipe screw conveyor and air lock valve, and then to coarse powder separator and analyzer for air separation by high-pressure fan. The particle size of fine powder meets the requirements.
4. The fine powder collector is collected to the finished product storage bin, and the coarse powder with unqualified particle size separated by the analyzer for sewage treatment is put into the coarse powder bin.
5. Then it is measured by the discharge valve and the electronic metering belt, and then it enters the mill for grinding. After grinding, it returns to the coarse powder separator and the analyzer for circulating air separation.
The above is the introduction of the positive pressure process of anhydrous glucose for sewage treatment. The effect of this organic compound in solid and liquid is different, but if it is not stored well, it is easy to deteriorate. Therefore, when it is used in different industries, attention should be paid to its sealing and standardization, so as to maintain the normal use effect. For more information, please click on the official website: 。

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