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How to ensure the activity of sludge? Adding water treatment industrial glucose properly during the shutdown period can regulate the sludge activity, but the time and dosage must be paid attention to during the use period.
To optimize the combination of auxiliaries used in wastewater treatment and reduce the cost of auxiliaries. Adding agglutination auxiliary agent and combining it scientifically and reasonably can greatly reduce the use of agglutination auxiliary agent without affecting the use of sewage treatment equipment and water quality treatment.
Glucose for water treatment is mainly used for sewage treatment. Many factories have a lot of demand for this product. If they buy so many products at a time, they must store them as a whole. However, many people hardly know what they need to pay attention to in the specific storage process, which may lead to product quality degradation or other problems.
When enterprises store industrial glucose, they should pay attention to choosing suitable places. Although it is a non dangerous product and will not cause harm to the body under normal circumstances, in order to better ensure the effect, we still need to find a suitable place to do the overall storage work, which is very important for us. It's critical to find the right place to store things individually.
To sum up, it is about the introduction of glucose to ensure sludge activity in water treatment industry. I believe you all know it. If you want to know more, please pay more attention to our website.

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