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As an important wastewater treatment product, industrial glucose is widely used in industrial production. In particular, some enterprises need to establish a certain water cycle to reduce their consumption and cost. At this time, it is necessary for industrial glucose to have good wastewater treatment effect. In fact, when we add this product to the sewage, there are many places to pay attention to. Today we will give you a simple analysis, so as to make better use of the enterprise.
To be sure, the industrial glucose wastewater treatment effect is very good, and has a high cost performance. But when we use it, we should do it moderately, so we shouldn't waste it. Because different water quality needs different use, there is no fixed standard. Many enterprises invest too much or not enough. At this time, the simple method is to carry out some experiments according to the difference of raw water. From this result, we naturally know the actual quantity needed for actual production.
When it is put in, people should not put it directly into the sewage, but should completely dissolve it. First, mix industrial glucose and clean water in a ratio of 1 to 5. After dissolution, we need to continue to add water until 2% to 3% of the solution content can be used, we can achieve satisfactory results.
In a word, these are the problems that we should pay attention to when we throw glucose into the processing industry. If we follow these steps, the sewage treatment effect of enterprises will be better. We must pay attention to this requirement in the future to avoid problems in the preparation of solutions.
The above is the content of industrial glucose custom dosing notes, I hope to help you!

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