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When scientists stop discussing the same substance, they will find that it has many differences, and usually stop naming and classifying according to its different properties. When we understand some chemicals, we usually hear the prefix of water or anhydrous. It is not whether they contain water or not, but the difference of molecular structure. During the study of glucose, two substances, monohydrate glucose and anhydrous glucose, have been found and applied at different levels.
Molecular structure of monohydrate and anhydrous glucose Molecular structure and isomer of monohydrate glucose.
There are 17 quality indexes of injected glucose in Chinese Pharmacopoeia, among which 11 indexes of monohydrate and anhydrous glucose are identical: molecular weight, specific rotation, clearance of ethanol solution, dry weight loss, heavy metal 5 items are different; microbial limit anhydrous glucose is not marked. But to clarify that the specification of anhydrous glucose is found online, it is difficult to determine whether there are errors.
In terms of quality standards, general anhydrous glucose should be slightly better than monohydrate glucose. The Chinese Pharmacopoeia can see from the indicators that although the indicators are different between British and American Pharmacopoeia, they are also stricter in practice because of the same sample size.
In terms of internal quality, due to different processes, general anhydrous glucose is slightly higher than monohydrate glucose. For example, in crystallization process, the purity of anhydrous glucose crystallization stock liquid should be high before crystallization, while the purity of monohydrate crystal stock liquid is slightly low, it can also crystallize. Crystallization of monohydrate takes cooling crystallization, which is easy to be polluted by microorganisms, while crystallization of anhydrous sugar takes boiling sugar crystallization, which is not easy to be polluted by microorganisms.
The price of ordinary anhydrous glucose is higher than 10 yuan of monohydrate glucose because of the difference of water content. Generally speaking, monohydrate and anhydrous glucose can be used equally as long as their quality meets the requirements, and the departments of consumption and utilization need to think comprehensively and make sure their choices.
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