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Glucose powder is the sugar powder that can be eaten. We can use it in making some cakes or other things. Glucose is the basic element of human body and the basic medical raw material. Its function and use are very common.
With the continuous improvement of people's life and death level, glucose powder, as a substitute sugar for sugarcane, is used in food and gymnastics industry, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, dehydrated vegetables, industrial fermentation, drinks, seasoning and pickles and other industries.
Used in veterinary medicine industry, it can be directly used as drinking water agent or carrier for various kinds of animal drugs.
1. Candy, pastry, beverage, cold food, biscuits, baked food nourishing liquid, medicine, jam, jelly products, honey processing products and other food and gymnastics industries can be used to replace sugar (60% - 70% sweetness of sugar), improve the taste of products, improve production quality, reduce consumption costs, and improve the economy of enterprises. Benefits.
2. Glucose has high moisture absorption. It is used in pastries, baked foods and other foods. It insists that the products are soft and have a long shelf life, so as to increase the taste of the food.
3. The low freezing point of edible glucose powder is used in the consumption of beverages and cold foods. The products consumed have a cool and delicious feeling.
4. The use of leather in the leather industry to dispose of leather, such as sole leather and suitcase leather, can increase its softness and make it a restoring agent for chrome tanning.
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