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In the fermentation industry, glucose, as the nutrient base of the root, is the main material of the fermentation medium, such as antibiotics, monosodium glutamate, vitamins, amino acids, organic acids, enzymes and so on. It also can be used as the raw material of microbial polysaccharides and organic solvents.
In the chemical industry, glucose is widely used in industry, such as adhesives, castings, plastic products, printing and dyeing, leather making, electroplating, drilling, paint, soap, insecticides, matches, explosives and so on.
Glucose is a kind of carbohydrate which can absorb and apply directly and supplement heat energy. It is the main source of energy needed by human body. It is oxidized into carbon dioxide and water in the body and stored in the form of sugar or fat at the same time. Glucose can promote the detoxification function of the liver and maintain the liver. Effect.
The application of the mother liquor of glucose crystallization is so widespread that the market demand is huge. What kind of technology should be adopted for the recovery of high quality mother liquor of glucose crystallization?
An enzymatic separation nanofiltration separation technology was used to recover the glucose from the mother liquor of glucose crystallization, and high-value oligosaccharide products were obtained at the same time. The refined syrup obtained by nanofiltration membrane technology does not need to be decolorized any more. The refined syrup has a high concentration of glucose, which can save energy consumption for concentration. The impurities in the syrup are thoroughly removed, which greatly increases the service life of isomerase and removes the macromolecular impurities affecting crystallization. The purity of the obtained glucose is as high as 94-99%. The syrup can be merged with a novel decolorized saccharifying solution and stopped crystallizing after conventional treatment. Or it can be directly concentrated and stopped isomerization to prepare fructose syrup or consume other glucose derivatives.

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