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  In the chemical industry, different hydrous compounds have some differences in many applications. Only a detailed understanding of it can ensure its normal use effect in the application process. Anhydrous glucose is a group of organic compounds without crystal water in glucose. It is usually colorless crystal or white crystal powder, which can be used in the nutritional medicine industry. The following small edition mainly takes you to understand the knowledge of drug analysis.
  1. Method name: oral rehydration salt II - optical method for the determination of anhydrous glucose.
  2. Scope of application: the method of oral rehydration salt adopts spectrophotometry at anhydrous glucose level II. This method is suitable for oral rehydration salt II.
  3. Principle of method: dissolve the test article in water and add ammonia test solution to prepare the test solution. Determine the value of rotation and calculate the content.
  4. 试剂:氨试液。
  4. Reagent: ammonia test solution.
  5. 仪器设备:旋光计。
  5. Instrument and equipment: polarimeter.
  6. 样品准备:从氨试液中取400mL浓氨水,加水1000mL。
  6. Sample preparation: take 400ml of concentrated ammonia from ammonia test solution and add 1000ml of water.
  7. 样品溶液配制:
  7. Preparation of sample solution:
  Accurately weigh about 13g of the sample and put it into a 100ml measuring bottle. After dissolving with 80ml water, add 0.2ml ammonia water test solution, dilute with water to the scale, shake well, and stand for 30min to obtain the sample solution.
  Note: "precision weighing" means that the lifting weight shall be accurate to one thousandth of the weighing weight. "Precise measurement" means that the accuracy of volume measurement shall meet the accuracy requirements of volume pipette specified in relevant standards.
  8. 操作步骤:将测试样品的溶液放入旋光计中,测量旋转,乘以1.8954,计算出含C6H12O6的测试样品的重量(g)。
  8. Operation steps: put the solution of the test sample into the polarimeter, measure the rotation, multiply by 1.8954, and calculate the weight of the test sample containing C6H12O6 (g).
  Note: the spectrophotometry should be compared with the same batch of solvent for sample preparation, and 1cm quartz absorption cell should be used. Use wavelength with high absorption to measure wavelength. The error of absorbance reading of test product is generally between 0.3 and 0.7.
  This is a detailed introduction of drug analysis of anhydrous glucose. In the medical industry, these compounds can be used as glucose injection, glucose sodium chloride injection, compound sodium lactate glucose injection and other drugs, making great contributions to people's health, but we need reasonable application to ensure the normal use effect.
  The above is a detailed introduction of whether anhydrous glucose has drug value. For more information, please click

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