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  There are many sources of human food, but to ensure a healthy food and health problem, it is usually necessary to choose a farm from normal business or purchase. It derives from the livestock and poultry breeding industry, which is dedicated to raising cattle, pigs, sheep, rabbits, chickens and other poultry husbandry. The intake of meat camp and people's health are very important. Now let's understand the role of anhydrous glucose in livestock breeding.
  1. Chicken medicine, anti stress
  When the chicken farmer just brought the chicken home, whether it was just out of the shell or out of the temperature, after long-distance transportation, the chicken was in a state of dehydration and hunger, and immediately used anhydrous glucose to alleviate this stress phenomenon.
  The general dosage is 3% ~ 5% of drinking water, i.e. 100 Jin of water plus 3-5 Jin of grape sugar powder.
  2. 护肝补肾
  2. Protect liver and kidney
  Due to the excessive use of the liver, it is necessary to protect the liver and improve the kidney; glucose can promote metabolism, have a protective effect on the liver, and protect the liver with VC powder.
  Usage: glucose is 5% water, VC is 1g water, 30jin to 40jin, drinking water at night.
  Through the kidney with baking soda powder (the general dosage is 2 ‰), pay attention to glucose and VC should choose the original powder, the effect is better.
  3. Detoxification
  The dosage of anhydrous glucose for detoxification is about 5%. At the same time, it must be mixed with VC powder, 1g and 20kg water.
  4. 低血糖症的治疗
  4. Treatment of hypoglycemia
  一般用8% - 10%的葡萄糖粉,饮用水为6-8小时。
  Generally use 8% - 10% glucose powder, drinking water for 6-8 hours.
  Low cost and large use of glucose powder can help chickens recover quickly.
  The above is a detailed introduction of the positive effect of anhydrous glucose on livestock breeding. For more information, please click

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