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Crystal specific gravity of dry system in anhydrous glucose fluidized bed 1.55
(1) . technical description
1) Material title and property: anhydrous glucose
White crystalline particle or powder, crystal specific gravity 1.55, crystal size generally less than 1mm
Melting point 146-150 ℃
2) Single set feeding capacity: 8500Kg / h
进料水份: 5%
Feed moisture: 5%
Feeding temperature: 60-65 ℃
Whitening: the system can also produce 1.4t/h of crystalline glucose in one water, with 14% of feed water, 20% of temperature, 8% of discharge water and 28% of temperature.
3) Boring system requirements:
Crystal temperature in drying process: < 50 ℃
烘干进程尾风温度:<45℃     蒸汽压力 :0.2~0.3Mpa
Drying process tail air temperature: < 45 ℃ steam pressure: 0.2 ~ 0.3MPa
The air entering the dry system meets the requirements of 100000 level GMP purification, and the filter system is equipped with differential pressure gauge and sensor
Provide communication interface
Frequency conversion motor is selected for fan motor, and full automatic control is selected for air temperature and material temperature machine material transportation. The blower shell is made of stainless steel SUS304, transparent food grade, no interface, soft connection and equipment interface are easy to be sealed and disassembled without leakage;
No lifting pad shall be set for the quad skein and other skeins, and no Abrasives shall be allowed to enter into the products for other equipment. Under the shaft seal of the boiling bed, there shall be a receiving plate, and there shall be a device for vacuum suction of abrasives.
The case and impeller of dry fan are made of carbon steel; the case and impeller of blower are made of stainless steel SUS304
洁净区枯燥设备电气部分选用防爆级别:沸腾床(一切电机)、振动筛、研磨机:DIPA21 TA,T3YFB系列电机IP65 ;冷风段送风机、枯燥段送风机、预干段送风机、冷却水段水膜除尘、冷却段引风机、枯燥段水膜除尘、枯燥段引风机、预枯燥段水膜除尘、与枯燥段引风机、气力运送引风机、气力运送送风机、小送风机:  DIPA22 TA,T3YFB系列电机IP54
The electrical part of dry equipment in clean area shall be explosion-proof: boiling bed (all motors), vibrating screen, grinder: dipa21 TA, T3yfb series motor IP65; cold section blower, dry section blower, pre dry section blower, cooling water section water film dedusting, cooling section induced draft fan, dry section water film dedusting, dry section induced draft fan, pre dry section water film dedusting, and dry section induced draft fan, pneumatic conveying induced draft fan, pneumatic conveying forced draft fan, small forced draft fan: dipa22 TA, t3yfb series motor IP54
The inside of the equipment and bin shall be polished with mirror surface, and the outside shall be sub polished
Water mill is used for dust removal of tail gas recovery, and the dust contained in tail gas is required to be less than 120mg / m3; zero water make-up is required.
4) Product requirements:
Discharge: anhydrous glucose
Product discharge temperature: < 23 ℃
出料水分要求:<0.1%    水分操控要求实现自动化操控
Discharge moisture requirement: < 0.1% moisture control requirement to achieve automatic control
Product output rate (under 20 mesh screen): dry to dry > 99.8%
There shall be no foreign matter brought in by the boring system, and there shall be no caking of anhydrous sugar caused by the boring in the future storage process

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