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  In daily life, when the concentration of drinks is too high, or the taste of dishes is too heavy, we will use the method of dilution to make it not appropriate. This dilution technique is not only widely used in these two aspects, but also in other aspects. Let's look at the dilution of anhydrous glucose.
  1. Anhydrous glucose is stable and can be diluted with cold water or hot water. If it is dissolved, it is recommended to use hot water, high temperature is conducive to dissolution. If there is poor thermal stability, hot water is not recommended.
  2. In the digestive tract, anhydrous glucose is more easily absorbed than any other monosaccharide, and can be directly used by human tissues after being absorbed. The oligosaccharides (such as sucrose) and polysaccharides (such as starch) ingested by human body must be converted into glucose before they can be absorbed and utilized by human tissues.
  3. Anhydrous glucose can be oxidized into carbon dioxide and water in human body. When each gram of glucose is oxidized to carbon dioxide and water, 17.1kj of heat is released. 50% of the energy needed by human and animals comes from glucose. Crystalline glucose can be divided into monohydrate crystalline glucose and anhydrous crystalline glucose according to different manufacturing processes.
  The above is the dilution method of anhydrous glucose, hope to let you know. This kind of material is the main source of human nutrition and body energy, and it is also of great help to human health. It can increase the energy and endurance of human body, and has the effect of diuresis, strengthening heart and detoxification. We need to make rational use of it. For more information, please pay attention to our Website.

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