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  What is maltodextrin?
  麦芽糊精 (maltodextrin) 是一种常见的食品填充料和增稠剂。各类淀粉(如玉米、大米、小麦)是它的生产原料。随后,它们在水、酶及酸性物质的作用下被糊化、部分水解,更终通过喷雾干燥制成,呈白色粉末状。
  Maltodextrin is a common food filler and thickener. All kinds of starch (such as corn, rice, wheat) are the raw materials for its production. Subsequently, they were gelatinized and partially hydrolyzed under the action of water, enzyme and acidic substances. They were finally made by spray drying and showed white powder.
  Maltodextrin has high viscosity, which can bind different components in food together and increase food stability. Maltodextrin can also be used as a preservative to extend the shelf life of food.
  Which foods have maltodextrin?
  Due to its low price and various functions, maltodextrin can be found in most foods and drinks, such as biscuits, ice cream, cakes, salad dressing, whey protein powder, artificial sweeteners, sports drinks, solid drinks, ham and other processed meat, low-fat food and health products.
  Some infants and young children have lactose intolerance. Therefore, maltodextrin milk powder can be used to replace lactose in the market to meet the sugar and caloric requirements of these infants.
  What happens after eating maltodextrin?
  Maltodextrin in the body "digestion route" and starch food, will eventually be digested, decomposed into glucose, for the human body to provide heat.
  Studies have pointed out that maltodextrin has the same absorption rate as glucose, so it belongs to the category of high glycemic index, that is, it can quickly improve blood glucose after eating. However, considering that the actual intake is not large compared with other food to improve blood glucose, the overall impact on blood glucose concentration is relatively small.

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