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  As a monosaccharide organic compound, glucose is not only an important nutrient in our daily life, but also the energy source of living cells and the intermediate product of metabolism, that is, the main energy supply material of organisms, which has an important position in the field of biology. If we want to further study its usage, we should have a simple understanding of its preservation, purchase and consumption.
  1. Storage of glucose:
  Glucose should be stored in a sealed bottle in a cool and dry place to avoid deterioration and mildew caused by water and glucose contact.
  2. How to buy glucose
  Good glucose is white, crystalline or powdery, sweet and soluble in water. Avoid dark yellow, moist, lumpy glucose with peculiar smell, which may have deteriorated. The glucose on the market can be divided into pure glucose, vitamin glucose, calcium, iron and zinc glucose, prebiotic glucose and bovine colostrum glucose according to the different ingredients added. When purchasing, you should choose according to the instructions.
  3. How to eat glucose:
  Glucose intake: glucose is easy to be absorbed, not to eat more than 5 grams each time.
  Granular glucose can be eaten directly, while powdery glucose can be washed with water.
  Glucose is sweet with a little bitter, children should not take it directly, otherwise it will produce boredom.
  4. Glucose should not be mixed with:
  Suitable: glucose + soybean milk = to promote the absorption of nutrients.
  Avoid: glucose + boiled water = destroy nutrients.
  The above is the introduction of the storage, purchase, edible methods and collocation of glucose. Among them, its collocation is very important for our correct use, because we should avoid destroying its nutritional value and avoid unnecessary troubles caused by wrong collocation.

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