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  Today's introduction of glucose monohydrate refers to glucose containing a molecule of crystal water. Previously known glucose refers to a kind of anhydrous glucose without crystal water, and the difference in crystal water makes them different in application scope. Therefore, we can make better purchase. The specific application scope is as follows:
  1. In our familiar food industry and beverage industry, this substance is mainly used as a sweetener to put into our drinks and food.
  2. In addition, in the leather shoes industry, the drug is also very good effect, is used as a reducing agent to use.
  3. In the pharmaceutical enterprises that we pay more attention to, it can mainly be used to make enteral nutrition solution or to prepare intravenous injection through a certain concentration.
  4. Glucose monohydrate plays an important role in medical treatment. All kinds of diseases can be well treated with this drug. For example, when we are anemic, we can go to the hospital to hang glucose, through hanging glucose, to supplement our body's lack of energy. At the same time, many diseases will be suspended glucose at the beginning of treatment. People can also use glucose to supplement all kinds of energy needed by their bodies.
  Monohydrate glucose can be used in food, beverage, leather shoes, medical and other industries. This kind of glucose substance is a kind of organization which is afraid of water and high temperature. The storage method is very important. The place where it is stored should not be too humid, and it needs ventilation. Only in this way can its use effect be better guaranteed.

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