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  Maltodextrin is a widely used but little known food additive. So you need to know what it is and whether it's harmful.
  Is maltodextrin "natural"
  Food labeling as "natural" can be deceptive, and maltodextrin is no exception. This is from plant finishing. Generally speaking, maltodextrin comes from corn, rice and potato starch. It can also be made of wheat. Starch is cooked after adding acid or enzyme to further decompose it to produce white powder.
  The FDA said it was safe
  The food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved maltodextrin as a safe food additive.
  It has no taste
  Some sources claim that maltodextrin is sweet, but that's because of its combination with artificial sweeteners. If used alone, it has a slightly sweet taste.
  It can be found in many foods
  Maltodextrin is used as a thickener or filler because it is relatively cheap. You can see it in the label of the following products:
  · 水果罐头
  ·Canned fruit
  · 甜点
  · 即食布丁和明胶
  ·Ready to eat pudding and gelatin
  · 酱汁
  · 沙拉酱
  ·Salad dressing
  · 零食
  · 饮料粉
  ·Beverage powder
  · 一些糖替代品
  ·Some sugar substitutes
  You will also find this starch additive in personal care products such as lotion and hair care products.
  It may have a negative effect on your gut bacteria
  Several studies have shown that maltodextrin produces "good bacteria" that inhibit the digestive system. This may lead to the consumption of a large number of additives, leading to the risk of infection with Salmonella or Escherichia coli
  It affects your blood sugar
  Maltodextrin is a slightly sweet carbohydrate that affects your blood sugar, which is an important thing for a diabetic to remember.
  Athletes like it
  Maltodextrin is a common component of sports drinks. The body digests it as a simple carbohydrate. Some studies have shown that maltodextrin supplements can help maintain anaerobic capacity during exercise. However, other studies have shown no effect.
  Although it is generally acknowledged that maltodextrin is safe, food additives can be used, and the effects it may have on you. Maltodextrin and starch sweeteners are found in many processed foods and beverages. A small amount of maltodextrin and starch sweeteners may have little impact on human health. However, diabetic patients and others who need to monitor blood glucose levels should also pay attention to this ingredient.

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