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Industrial glucose is the product of starch completely hydrolyzed by acid or enzyme. Due to different production processes, the purity of glucose products is also different. Generally, it can be divided into crystalline glucose and whole glucose. Glucose accounts for 95% - 97% of dry matter, and the rest is a small amount of oligosaccharides left due to incomplete hydrolysis. The saccharification solution obtained is decolorized with activated carbon, After passing through the ion exchange resin column to remove the impurities such as inorganic substances, a colorless and high purity refined saccharification solution was obtained. The refined saccharification liquid is concentrated, cooled and crystallized in a crystallizer to obtain water α (1) glucose crystal product; It crystallizes in a vacuum tank at a higher temperature to obtain anhydrous solution β (1) glucose crystal product; Crystallize in a vacuum tank to obtain anhydrous water α A glucose crystal product. Products are widely used in sewage treatment, medicine, chemical industry, food, microbial fermentation and other industries
Industrial glucose has the following characteristics:
1. This product is white crystalline powder, the purity of the product is 100%
2. The molecular filtration is realized, the small molecule of glucose is filtered, and the large molecule of polysaccharide is completely intercepted, so that the purity of glucose reaches 100%;
3. The EU value is far lower than the limit of the existing standards at home and abroad;
4. The separation and purification of sugar liquid has good effect, fast filtration rate and high purity;
5. In production, the closed-circuit circulation, no pollution to the environment, good product quality, stability, no batch difference.

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