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In today's life, industrial anhydrous glucose is widely used, but in some fields, industrial glucose has high requirements for the environment. Next, let's talk about the requirements of industrial glucose for water quality.
Temperature: temperature is an important factor in environmental factors. The temperature range of biochemical treatment for a variety of microorganisms growing in a certain temperature range is 10 ~ 40 ℃, and 20 ~ 30 ℃ is the ideal temperature.
pH值:生命活动和微生物代谢与PH值密切相关。在ph值为6.5-7.5、ph值为4-10的环境中,大部分细 菌和原生动物都会生长。胶体细 菌作为活性污泥法的主体,在曝气活性污泥法处理的污水中可以产生更多的细 菌,絮凝剂是在ph值为6.5°8.5°的粘液中形成的。
PH value: life activities and microbial metabolism are closely related to pH value. Most bacteria and protozoa grow in the environment of pH 6.5-7.5 and pH 4-10. As the main body of activated sludge process, colloidal bacteria can produce more bacteria in the wastewater treated by aerated activated sludge process, and the flocculant is at pH 6.5 ° eight point five ° It's formed in mucus.
Nutrients: microorganisms in sewage continuously absorb nutrients. Disordered polymers and high-energy compounds are metabolized (dissimilated) and decomposed into instantaneous low molecular weight substances and low-energy compounds. In the process of sewage treatment, energy is released through component metabolism (assimilation), and the energy and substances produced by decomposition and metabolism are transformed into their own cell substances.
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