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In our daily life, glucose, a common compound, usually exists in a variety of forms, and it also has a variety of classifications. Among them, industrial glucose and food glucose are classified according to different industries. Although they have some differences in application fields and uses, there are many similarities in some adverse phenomena. Now let's take a look at the preventive measures for the poor effect of industrial glucose?
1. If the glucose solution is prepared well and the storage time is too long, it is easy to cause the problem of solution failure. In general, after the configuration is good, try to use it up on the same day to ensure the use effect of the glucose.
2. In the configuration of industrial glucose solution, there are high requirements for the water temperature. It is necessary to ensure the appropriate water temperature to avoid the degradation of glucose due to high water temperature, which will affect the use effect. Therefore, when dissolving the glucose, the temperature should not exceed 60 ℃.
In general, the effect of industrial glucose is not only related to the performance of the product itself, but also related to the application mode and other external factors. For example, the preparation principle and temperature control introduced in the above contents have a great impact. We must pay attention to them when using them to ensure their normal use effect.

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