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Glucose is the basic element of human body and the most fundamental medical raw material. Its function and use are very common. Especially with the progress of life and death level of broad people, the application of glucose as a substitute for sucrose in food and gymnastics industry opens up a broader scope for the application of glucose. So what are the effects of food-grade glucose?
1. Food-grade glucose powder has high hygroscopicity. When it is used in baked food, the product should be soft and have a long shelf life to increase the taste of the food.
2、食品级葡萄糖在糖果、糕点、饮料、冷食、饼干、滋补养生液、药品、果酱、果冻制品、蜂蜜加工制品等食操行业中可替代白砂糖运用,用作甜味料 ( 甜度为砂糖的 60% — 70%) ,改善产品的口感,进步产质量量,降低消费本钱,进步企业的经济效益。
2. Food-grade glucose can be used as sweetener (60%-70% sweetness of granulated sugar) instead of white granulated sugar in candy, pastry, beverage, cold food, biscuit, nourishing liquid, medicine, jam, jelly products, honey processing products and other food and gymnastics industries, so as to improve the taste of products, improve the quality of production and reduce the cost of consumption. Money improves the economic efficiency of enterprises.
3. Glucose is a kind of carbohydrate which can absorb and apply directly and supplement heat energy. It is the main source of energy needed by human body. It is oxidized into carbon dioxide and water in vivo, and at the same time, it is stored in the form of sugar or fat. Glucose can promote the detoxification function of liver.
6. Food-grade glucose powder dissolves and absorbs heat. It is used in the consumption of beverages and cold food. The products consumed have a cool and delicious feeling.
7. Food-grade glucose medicine can be compounded with oral liquid or intravenous injection as nutritional supplement. It can rapidly increase human energy, endurance, can be used as a supplement for low blood sugar, cold, fever, dizziness, limb weakness and myocarditis, and has a certain therapeutic effect on cancer.
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